Sirius XM's Tim Ridley Show

Apr 25, 2019 in

Tim invited me to share Truckers for the Homeless with his listeners. It was an amazing experience and the phone started ringing right afterwards. I was able to pray for people and encourage them. It also brought some drivers to join in handing out the bags to the homeless.

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Channel 21 Ministries & Lonesome Road Ministries

Apr 24, 2019 in

Darrell Spicer and Gary Rayburn have taken us under their wings and are walking with us through doors that we couldn't even imagine. We know it's Jesus but He is using these men of God to say WELCOME TO THE FAMILY. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Apr 22, 2019 in

What a team Ezra Kwak has. Julie has jumped in with both feet. She has kept in contact with us and put her staff at our disposal. The Press Releases, the web support, contacts, finances, and suggestions for other sources have been phenomenal. Julie Lallemand YOU ROCK!

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Chef Minute Meals, Inc

Mar 30, 2019 in

I want to welcome Jennifer and the staff at Chef Minute Meals, Inc to our team. Jennifer came by our booth at the truck show and was happy to donate some of their company's products to our homeless bags.

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Mid America Truck Show

Mar 29, 2019 in

WOW ! ! What a response to our mission. We had HUNDREDS of people visit our booth, talk with us about how they have seen Homeless people and never thought about giving them bags of items. This show introduced us to the public and to the Trucking Industry as a whole.

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