Why we're here

The homeless are here – if you choose to look…

The homeless we see around us are ALL around us. As  drivers there are many homeless we see at off ramps, truck stops, rest areas and other places OUTSIDE the traditional city. We know there is a need everywhere, but those in the city have options. Soup kitchens, Christian charities, churches, Halfway houses and treatment centers will lend a hand and PRAISE GOD  they are there.

Sadly, there is NOWHERE for those on the road OTHER than the travelers on our nations highways. While on a recent trip coming through New Mexico I came across such a man. I have seen many people on ramps asking for handouts. Some  I have helped, others I didn't. I'm not proud of it, just being honest.

This particular day there was something about this man that was different. He had a sign that read.. I KNOW I'M DIRTY... I KNOW I'M HOMELESS... BUT I'M STILL HUNGRY.  When I went into the truck-stop I bought him something to eat. When I went back to the freeway I gave him his food along with a gospel tract. After leaving him I noticed in the mirror that before he ate, he read the tract.

He wasn't only physically hungry, there was SPIRITUAL hunger there also. It touched my heart and when I stopped for the night I kept hearing a voice in my Spirit saying "truckers for the homeless" over and over. There is more to the story! Bottom line is this...